Alabama School of Fine Arts


Jaronda Little

Outreach & Admissions Officer (205) 252-9241
1800 Rev. Abraham Woods Jr. Blvd.,
Birmingham, AL 35203

Trailblazers in specialty-focused education

From our campus in the heart of downtown Birmingham, ASFA serves as a boundary-pushing cultural convener, presenting student and professional performances in our state-of-the-art Dorothy Jemison Day Theatre (DJD).

Our DJD Theatre is committed to highlighting performers who represent both the best in their fields and also a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives through its own annual performance season known as ArtWorks@The DJD.

From the comfort of our 500-seat professional theatre, audiences enjoy outstanding professional performances by visiting artists and artists-in-residence. The DJD Theatre partners with local organizations but also serves as a stunning environment for ASFA's own student-driven performing arts season.

The DJD Theatre is proud to partner with regional cultural leaders such as the Birmingham Opera, Brown Sugar Nutcracker, the Alabama Ballet, and the Sidewalk Film Festival to build a vital arts scene for the greater Birmingham community. Our DJD Theatre benefits from national and regional grant support from prestigious organizations such as the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

ASFA and the DJD Theatre are both proud advocates for specialty-driven education at a state and national level, lending our expertise to fellow educators and policymakers. ASFA reaches every corner of the state and beyond offering passionate, talented students an exemplary education without the burden of tuition for Alabama residents. Under the guidance of our distinguished faculty who are accomplished practitioners in their fields, students gain an essential understanding of themselves and their goals through the lens of their chosen discipline.

Students spend each morning on robust academic coursework that exceeds state high school diploma standards. Curiosity and intellectual exuberance are celebrated in every classroom, empowering students to bring the same spirit and dedication to their academic classes that they show in their specialty work.

Each afternoon students devote sustained hours each day to honing their craft, flexing their creativity, and developing their unique voice within their chosen discipline. Passionate and engaged students find a home at ASFA alongside peers who share a singular focus on their disciplines. ASFA students are frequently awarded substantial college scholarships in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

Our students build on the creative habits of mind they develop at ASFA to establish successful careers in a wide array of fields, serving as innovative leaders, cultural champions, and role models for future generations. No matter where they end up, ASFA graduates bring zeal, curiosity, and an exceptional work ethic to every endeavor.

At ASFA, we work to cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment where historically silenced voices are amplified, passion and purpose are celebrated, and creative expression is never restrained.