Standards Toolkit

Learn fundamental education language, how to access academic and arts education standards, and how to enrich your education programs. This free toolkit is perfect for developing common language with educators and taking your arts education program development to a new level. Designed for artists, organizations, and informal educators in collaboration with the West Alabama, North Alabama, and Greater Birmingham Arts Education Collaboratives.

Bloom City

Bloom City is a set of 20-minute virtual poetry workshops designed for middle school students. These workshops are free, available on-demand, and are accompanied by a companion guide for teachers and parents. Presented in partnership with The Flourish Alabama.

Episode 1 is all about Bops. No, not the way you’re probably thinking. It’s even better! The Bop is a poetry form created by Afaa Michael Weaver in the 1950s. It is a newer form of poetry that was created by a Black poet!

In episode 2, we’re paying some respects! Join Bloom City as we use poetry to pay Homage to Our Heroes: the teachers, nurses, first responders, or even your family. We will use Metaphor and Simile to give these incredible people their flowers!

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to become music? Have you ever been the bass line? In Episode 3, join Bloom City for our Persona Poetry Workshop! Learn to use personification, allusion, and empathy to write from someone/something else’s point of view.

Join us for part 2 of the Bloom City Persona Poetry Workshop. Get your imaginations ready!