Cristal Clear Strategies


Cristal L. Brister

Founder | Principal Facilitator (205) 401-7300

Elevating Dialogue through Creative Connection.

Our work is rooted in Applied Theatre methodology. Applied Theatre is an umbrella term for a body of work used to inspire dialogue, foster education, and enact change.

Techniques such as role-playing, tableaux work, and improvisation are utilized to build community, process through change or difficult situations, and address issues of social concern such as bias or cultural differences.

This type of theatre is different from mainstream theatre in its approach as it focuses on questioning and addressing the issue at hand versus creating a public performance. Participants are “spect-actors” and actively participate in the process.

The heart of the work is honoring people’s stories, deepening dialogue, building community, increasing self-awareness, and assisting individuals in discovering new insights into issues of importance.

We facilitate: Participants will leave with:
  • residency programs - conflict resolution skills
  • team-building experiences - deepened self-awareness
  • workshops - cultural competency skills
  • advocacy tools
Each offering is designed to be an engaging mixture of theatre games, which serve as social metaphors, self-reflective writing activities, and collaborative exercises that help participants connect thoughts and feelings to actions.

Our methods provide a container for deepened self-awareness and increased vulnerability and encompass multiple learning and engagement styles.