DRUM the Program


Elvie Schooley

Executive Director
http://www.drumtheprogram.org (832) 465-8807
2307 Co Rd 46,
Montevallo, AL 35115

We are a cultural arts education non-profit that teaches West African Drum and Dance, Creative Writing, and Visual Arts to youth ages 8-16.

"DRUM the Program is a 501c3 cultural arts education non-profit. We provide minority youth with Social Emotional Learning skills, positive identity development, and an appreciation for diversity. We do this through immersive cultural experiences that include West African Drum and Dance, Creative Writing, and Visual Arts.

In our drum classes, our students learn authentic drum rhythms from an experienced Master drummer from Guinea. The students also learn about the construction and composition of their drums, which come from West Africa.

With our dance classes, we create an authentic experience by pairing the dance movements we teach with their original drum rhythm, allowing us to portray the folkloric stories that have been told through drum and dance in Africa for centuries. They are designed to connect the students to their physical bodies.

In our creative writing classes, we demonstrate to students how to identify their emotions and express them in a healthy way through open guided discussions, prompted writing exercises, and sharing their writing in a supportive environment.

In our visual arts class, students are given a canvas and taught to use imagery to express their subconscious ideas and visions. These classes offer an introspective process where students identify and articulate the spaces where they truly feel like they belong.

For youth ages 8-16, we currently offer an Afterschool Program and a Summer Camp. Our Afterschool Program provides West African drum and dance, creative writing, and visual arts. Our Summer Camp is performance-based and provides West African drum and dance, flute, Capoeira, creative writing, gardening, swimming, and visual arts. We are also capable of providing singular or multiple workshop experiences to your students. Please contact us for more information."