Miss Eshé

The SmARTIST in Synergy

We will look at the fashion industry and how we as artists and patrons contribute to the culture of clothing. In this course, you will be instructed by Miss Nakiah Eshé on the following topics:

Upcycling Textiles – Sourcing Materials, Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Fitting and Finalization.

~ When working with textiles, sourcing is the foundation of the garment you are creating. Here you will learn how to efficiently choose materials based on composition and media of the fabric. All source materials will be deconstructed to start the upcycling process. Here you will utilize creativity and skill to cut the original design of the material and learn how to use those components to your best benefit in reconstruction. During reconstruction, math and sciences will be applied to our artistic abilities to bring your garment to life! Fittings and finalization are the last steps and critique of your garment before you are able to wear, sell or gift your creation.

Catwalk/ Pose Critique – Runway Walk, Runway Poses, Print Poses, Turns and Pivots, Model Etiquette, Model Bag and Fashion Show Film

~ Modeling is a great source of confidence building. We will work together on learning how to command the runway, photoshoots and even the sidewalk. Express yourself in different runway walks and end of runway poses along with turns and pivots for any modeling gig. Before we go out to any castings or shows, you will learn the industry etiquette. Model etiquette is key in starting and propelling your modeling career, we will focus on how to present yourself in an impactful way. Our focus here is keeping a model bag of necessities and learning history from fashion films.

Digital Portfolio Development – Portfolio Website Building, Composite Cards, Photoshoot, Niche Identification

~ Don't stop at making your business an Instagram page! You need an internet domain to better showcase your talents and services. With a digital portfolio, casting and scouting will be professional and ensure confidence in their interactions with you as a model or artist. Together we will design an interface that is beautiful, and functional to help you reach your goals. This process includes digital composite cards, photoshoot for comps and website and lastly a look at what your niche in the modeling industry is so you can be aware of your selling points while networking.

My courses are a deep dive into how we contribute to the art in our lives and our communities. Start with you; when we believe in ourselves, the rest is just skills waiting to be applied to our lives. Contact me directly if you need a pick-me-up before you start. We got this!