UAB Arts in Medicine


Lauren Edwards

AIM Program Coordinator (205) 996-1488
1200 10th Ave South,
Birmingham, AL 35205

Enhance healing & wellness through the arts

Since 2013 UAB Arts in Medicine (AIM), a partnership between UAB Visual and Performing Arts and UAB Medicine, has served over 170,000 people. UAB AIM brings an integrated approach to the healing process that addresses the needs of the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. AIM strives to enhance wellness in the healthcare setting through creative arts experiences for patients, families, and healthcare staff. AIM provides services across UAB Hospital, Children's of Alabama, and St. Vincent's East. AIM also works in community settings to support adults and children living with disabilities, chronic conditions and mental health disorders, and support healthy aging in older adults. AIM is part of the field of arts and health that acknowledges the arts’ critical role in human well-being. AIM works closely with UAB departments including the School of Health Professions Department of Occupational Therapy (OT) to study the impact of its programs and add to the growing evidence base.

Some of AIM's current offerings for the community:
  • Magic Camp: A free summer camp for children with disabilities
  • Healing Harmonies: A community choir for those affected by cancer
  • Dance for Parkinson's: Dance classes specifically for those diagnosed with Parkinson's (though they are beneficial for everyone!)
  • Virtual Mental Health Mondays: Each month AIM hosts this virtual series that highlights a topic that affects health and wellness through the lens of arts and creativity.
Learn more on our website or on our social media: @uabartsinmed