The Flourish Alabama

The Flourish Alabama is a 501c3 that creates and facilitate “multi-medium” programming and curriculum geared towards helping youth create collaborative art projects, facilitate art workshops for artists of all ages.

Nathifa Dance Company & Outreach Inc.

Our programs focus on tradition African and African American dance and drums. We have a performing arts program that tours the state of Alabama that engages the audience. We focus on West African dances from Guinea, Mali, and Senegal.

Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Enjoy a trip to the symphony to experience a full orchestra in a concert hall designed for all ages and/or enjoy a chamber music presentation and performance by our state’s only full time orchestra at your school or place of learning!

Space One Eleven

Space One Eleven’s arts education program unites practicing artists with youth and adults from the Birmingham area in a variety of programs to impart artistic skills, encourage creativity, and promote an understanding and appreciation of art.

UAB’s ArtPlay

ArtPlay is at the root of UAB Arts’ mission to make arts accessible to the broadest possible audience and cultivate an understanding of and appreciation for the arts.

Birmingham Museum of Art

Our programs offer a wide variety of tailored educational experiences for students and organizations.

Greater Birmingham Arts Education Collaborative

As Birmingham’s arts education hub, we create transformative experiences which allow students to express their voices as well as see themselves reflected in the arts through programs for schools, networking, and professional development programs.

Glenda’s Baby Productions

Glenda’s Baby provides educational and interactive learning opportunities for students and creatives looking for more direction and guidance into the world of content creation and film production.

Birmingham Chamber Music Society

The Birmingham Chamber Music Society has provided educational programs by world-class musicians through free mini-concerts, masterclasses, and workshops. We also provide lesson plans for K-12 school outreach classes.

Vulcan Park and Museum

Vulcan Park and Musuem offers plays based on important historical figures and Birmingham’s history, bringing social studies alive through the arts!

Shelby County Arts Council

The mission of the Shelby County Arts Council is to support, nurture, and promote arts and cultural opportunities in Shelby County, Alabama. Join us in celebrating our mission: Imagine, Create & Inspire!

Sidewalk Film Center + Cinema

Sidewalk Film Center + Cinema offers educational opportunities for all ages from students interested in media to seasoned filmmakers.

The Initiative for Creative Arts

The Initiative for Creative Arts (TIFCA) supports the voices of youth, their creativity, and innovative ideas by providing necessary cultural arts programming and mentorship through hip hop education, media arts, and literacy arts.

Alabama Dance Council

Dance for Every Child
Dance Across Birmingham
Alabama Dance Festival School Show

Claire LeSar

Claire offers visual arts and creative writing instruction to students of all ages. She is able to integrate the arts across curricula to engage students and support their varied interests.

DRUM the Program

DRUM the Program provides cultural arts education to children ages 8-16. We use West African Drum, West African Dance, Creative Writing, and Visual Arts to enhance our students’ Social Emotional Learning and foster positive identity development.

Desert Island Supply Co. (DISCO)

DISCO’s mission is to work alongside students as they develop the creative tools they need to explore and document their worlds. DISCO accomplishes this through creative writing workshops in schools and at its headquarters in Woodlawn.

Firehouse Community Arts Center

The Firehouse is a creative learning space in the Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham

Red Mountain Theatre

Red Mountain Theatre offers a broad scope of theatre-based educational opportunities for youth and adults. Whether students are drama novices or on their way to the professional stage, RMT offers experiences to fit their needs.

Alabama School of Fine Arts

ASFA is a state-funded public school, providing intense specialty-focused education in the arts, math, and science to students with outstanding talent, and these students share their art form across the community through various programs and events.

Virginia Samford Theatre

STARS (Students Take A Role at the Samford) gives every child the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and supportive arts environment. The VST provides affordable, high-quality theatre education and performance opportunities for all children.

Studio 2500, INC

Studio 2500’s arts educational programs provide art classes and training to youth, college aged, and adults from beginner level to professional in Birmingham, AL.

Cristal Clear Strategies

Cristal Clear Strategies provides innovative programming for youth and adults to explore their own agency, develop conflict resolution skills, and build social-emotional & cultural competency skills necessary for employability and everyday life.

UAB Arts in Medicine

UAB AIM strives to enhance wellness in the healthcare setting through creative arts experiences. AIM also works in the community to support those living with disabilities, chronic conditions, & mental health disorders, & support healthy aging.

Fine Arts Find Life

Our goal is to enhance the mental wellness of youth via expressive arts and education while children engage in creative, transformative arts experiences as a mode of expression and communication. We aim to inspire imagination and mental peace.

Birmingham Children’s Theatre

BCT offers field trips and tours of professional theatrical productions with free study guides to incorporate show themes into the classroom; and in-school and after-school programs for youth, and professional development for educators.

The Dance Foundation

We believe that dance is a foundation for life, for learning…for all.

Alex Wright

My Arts Education Program combines music and creative writing with STEM and English/Language Arts in a fun and interactive format designed to uplift students confidence in managing numbers and written communication.

Tania De’Shawn

I am a poet who works with stakeholders to create custom workshop experiences.

Bib & Tucker Sew-Op

Bib & Tucker Sew-Op facilitates sewing activities for all generations that promote empowerment, education and ​economic opportunity. We provide a wide range of sewing and fiber arts programming for 6 months up to adults.

Dawson Music Academy

Dawson Music Academy offers private music lessons for preschoolers through adults. With a wide variety of musical instruments available, you’re sure to find something to ignite your musical talents.

Kat Files – The FILES Arts Project

The FILES Arts Project offers a variety of arts education programs such as: masterclasses, private lessons, workshops, virtual instruction, audition prep, & choreography. TFAP also offers arts training in multiple dance techniques & music classes.

Miss Eshé

“Open to all who are inspired by fashion and self expression! Art cares not about time, only passion. Are you ready?

  • Upcycling Textiles
  • Catwalk/ Pose Critique
  • Digital Portfolio Development

Contact to book a class and start learning!

Jamaree’ Collins

Overall, IAmGreatness INC is a mentoring program for boys and girls. We utilize various art forms to learn about and bond with the youth. We also utilize various art forms as a part of our career exploration programming

The Cohill Foundation

The Cohill Foundation purpose is to help at-risk youth (Ages 13-21) employ art mediums and the creative process to help them explore emotions, resolve internal conflicts, and foster healing.


Adult Learning
Teacher Learning
Visual Art
Media Arts
Creative Writing
Folk Art
English & Language Arts
Social Studies
Business & Careers
World Langagues & Culture
Social & Emotional Learning
Group/Private Lessons
Field Trip
At-School Experience
School Assembly
Teacher Learning
Arts Integration